MICROmega Investor Presentation 2015

MICROmega Holdings Ltd, which is listed on the JSE under the supply services sector, has enjoyed a year of “phenomenal performance” according to its Executive Chairman, Dave King, speaking after the release of the group’s 2015 results at its head office in Sandton last week.

The group hit R1bn in turnover for the first time, with the bulk of earnings coming from its IT and occupational health and safety divisions. The group’s headline earnings per share (HEPS) again increased by over 100%. King attributes this strong growth to the group not being driven by static budgets, but by latest forecasts (LFC) that entail monthly management meetings across all companies within the group and rigorous monitoring of performance and growth forecasting. It’s dynamic and demanding- and it clearly works.

Watch the full video to hear King’s expectations for the group’s continued excellent performance, and why he is confident of another very strong year with returns well above those offered by other listed companies.