MICROmega and its core businesses are not only dedicated to investing in innovation and inspiring success within the corporate playing field, but also in our approach to our corporate social responsibility (CSR). Recognising that South Africa is a diverse nation in need of assistance in all facets of society, in 2014 we took the opportunity to invest in a multitude of different charities, consciously choosing to spread our scope of assistance across the various areas in need.

When deciding on the most effective way to make an impact, we assessed each charity individually and identified a trend in their need for financial assistance to facilitate their sustainability for the year.

We believe that it is equally important for a successful corporate to share not only time but financial means with those that will use these finances to create safe, secure and inspiring platforms for the less fortunate.

Sustainability in our current economic climate is a never-ending challenge for most NGOs within South Africa, and the context of the word is continually evolving and changing for them. We believe it is important to be in touch with these changing needs and to facilitate meeting them with an awareness and dedication to making a real and measurable difference.

With this in mind, during the 2016 Financial Year, the MICROmega Group contributed over R250,000 to the following organisations by way of….

2016 Beneficiaires

  • Thembilihle Municipality
  • Marula Sun
  • Mjuli & Mjuli
  • Universal Workwear and Embroidery
  • Senqu Municipality
  • Crossmore Primary School
  • Cape Digital foundation
  • Napoli Football Club East London
  • Greensleeves Place of Safety
  • Songeze Day Care Centre
  • National Sea Rescue Institute
  • Linda Sports Development
  • Oliver’s House
  • The GREY Row-a-thon
  • Various Safety, Fire-fighting and First Aid community workshops
  • PROUD Schools Project
  • Woodlands Dairy
  • Alex Crisis Youth Centre
  • Drought Relief Fund
  • Save the Rhino Trust – The Branberg Rhino Run

With a passion for investment, innovation and service we endeavour to constantly expand our CSR footprint.